PROJECT ONE – Create your perfect bike.

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect bike is. Maybe you prefer Campag to Shimano? Or you would like to instantly upgrade the wheels on your new bike? Maybe you need a 58cm frame but prefer 170mm cranks rather than the supplied 175mm and so on.

TREK’s Project One program let’s you do exactly that. Firstly you can of course choose your prefered frame and pick your desired colour scheme from a wide variety of patterns and colours. Here’s how it all progresses from there:

New Image.2

Once you have chosen your basic spec and colour scheme a postion appraisal is taken to confirm correct frame size, stem length, bar width etc. At this point you can also customize gear ratio, and crank length. Once triple checked and 100% happy we press the order button……at which point we get an approximate delivery date.

New Image

With anticipation the box arrives! And stage 2 begins.


Out of the box and the wrapping comes off! We discuss colour matches for accessories and caringly assemble your dream creation.


Nearly done and eagerly awaiting the final fit before collection. Confirm correct positioning of contact points before bar tape is fitted and bottle cages which, in this case went to stealthy matte black. And the first ride awaits…….


Collection day and Ian is the very proud new owner of a custom Domane 6 Series! You can build your perfcet bike here: