Replace Tube

tube replacment1

Release or disconnect brake.

Pinch the tyre into the centre of the rim. This pushes the bead of the tyre into the deeper central part of the rim making it easier to remove. Carefully use tyre levers or your hand to remove the tyre from the rim.

Carefully run your finger round the inside of the tyre, checking for sharp objects that have pierced the tyre and punctured the tube. Don’t apply too much force as glass/thorns may cut you. Remove any debris in the tyre to prevent more punctures.

tube replacment 2

Lightly inflate the tube enough to give it shape. This makes it easier to re install in the tyre and lessens the chance of pinching the tube when re inflating.
Re fit the tyre by hand using your palm to push the tyre bead back over the rim.

Once the tyre is fitted pinch the tyre – you should not see any tube overlapping the tyre bead (as shown in photo). Inflating like this would cause an immediate blow out.