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Lost in the lanes!

Cartography, maps, a tempting squiggle taking you slightly further from home, avoiding main roads or finding a challenging new climb! Pink is bad, orange is good, yellow? Now we’re talking! It’s easy to just stick your head down get on a busy ish road do your 1/2/3 or more hours and get home…… But you’re

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Preparing for a winter ride

Food! First things first, before you head out into the depths of the local lanes on a cold winters morning have some grub! A fasted ride on a wet windy Sunday could spell misery so, something warm to eat before you leave will keep you going. A top tip to keep you warm and comfy

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Favourite routes

We are currently looking at ploting some of our local rides onto GPX files for you to download and check out. Hopefully we will have this up and running before the weather gets warmer!

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