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Madone 9!

Progress, technology…..sometimes things evolve without you really noticing, the new Trek Madone 9 series however takes a giant leap forward. This is Andrew’s journey into the discovery of  his ultimate bike. It all started with some furtive keyboard bashing on Treks Project One website and if you’re going to build the ultimate bike you might as well

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Lost in the lanes!

Cartography, maps, a tempting squiggle taking you slightly further from home, avoiding main roads or finding a challenging new climb! Pink is bad, orange is good, yellow? Now we’re talking! It’s easy to just stick your head down get on a busy ish road do your 1/2/3 or more hours and get home…… But you’re

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Does winter get you cross?

It’s easy to lose focus in the cold dark winter months, trying to drag yourself out when it’s wet and windy can be a big challenge for anyone! As we’ve touched on in previous posts though, a good summer starts with a good winter. In steps the cross bike, N+1 and all that…… A cross

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PROJECT ONE – Create your perfect bike.

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect bike is. Maybe you prefer Campag to Shimano? Or you would like to instantly upgrade the wheels on your new bike? Maybe you need a 58cm frame but prefer 170mm cranks rather than the supplied 175mm and so on. TREK’s Project One program let’s you do

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