The bicycle as we know it has evolved a huge amount in the past few years. Changes in wheel size, geometry and a much broader selection of bike categories have all been rolled out in a short space of time.

Disc road bikes are one of the latest big changes but with a failed UCI introduction into the pro peleton is it fad or future??

Disc brakes have in fact been around since the early 90’s and became the norm on mountain bikes about 15 years ago. The premise of more power, better wet weather performance and vastly improved rim wear were welcomed with open arms! Drop bars however have taken much longer to embrace the idea slowly becoming more prominent on crossbikes and finally now road.


Pictured: TREK Domane SL 6 Disc

The reality is that disc brakes aren’t going anywhere and with the UCI ready to re-trial disc brakes in 2017 the rim brake as we know it may have it’s days numbered!

Am I going to burn myself or lose any fingers though? In short very unlikely although some road pro’s have been quite vocal about sustained disc related injuries, I personally can’t recall anyone I have met ever suffering an injury from a disc rotor.

What’s not to like then? Very little in reality, yes, the setup is slightly heavier than a regular cable operated rim brake and you must be careful not to get lube on the disc rotors but other than that more power and no rim wear makes it a no brainer!



Pictured: GENESIS Croix de Fer 10

The future is looking good for disc brakes then, acceptance within the ranks of the pro peleton won’t be far away. It’s not all about racing though, for the keen road cyclist disc brakes are already a viable option and will certainly future proof your bike purchase. On top of the performance advantages of having disc it also becomes easier to accommodate bigger tyres for additional comfort and grip and still have room for mudguards too.

With a huge amount of choice and prices starting from well under £1000 you’ll be able to find anything from solid commuter/training bike to ultimate dream machine and everything in between. All fame materials are covered too with a wide choice of Aluminium, carbon and steel available.


Pictured: GENESIS CDA 10

So don’t be afraid of the disc brake…..Better performance, bigger tyres and bags of confidence, it could be right up your street…or road, lane, track.

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