Lost in the lanes!


Cartography, maps, a tempting squiggle taking you slightly further from home, avoiding main roads or finding a challenging new climb!

Pink is bad, orange is good, yellow? Now we’re talking! It’s easy to just stick your head down get on a busy ish road do your 1/2/3 or more hours and get home……


But you’re missing views like this, no traffic and challenging terrain! What’s not to like? Plotting a route couldn’t be easier, GPX, TCX, Google maps or a phone app could have you out in the depths of the countryside in no time. This picture was taken 10 miles outside Cheltenham and with a labyrinth of lanes heading out to Stroud, Cirencester, Malvern, Stow and beyond, there are hundred’s of potentially undiscovered miles of tarmac loveliness!


Even in the grey and gloom of winter a quiet road can be inspirational! Do take care though, untreated roads can spell ice and tractors can spread a slippery film of mud over the asphalt!


Not a car in sight! No road rage, no fumes and plenty of warning from the sound of oncoming traffic….What’s not to like! If that’s not enough you’re never far from a country pub or coffee shop which makes for great social rides. And if you’re worried about STRAVA, don’t be, there are loads of segments dotted around the local countryside.