Madone 9!

Progress, technology…..sometimes things evolve without you really noticing, the new Trek Madone 9 series however takes a giant leap forward.

This is Andrew’s journey into the discovery of  his ultimate bike.

FullSizeRender (2)

It all started with some furtive keyboard bashing on Treks Project One website and if you’re going to build the ultimate bike you might as well spec exactly what you want in a colour of your choice, which is exactly what Trek offer. Sadly the dream spec also comes at a high price so to save Andrew’s marriage, some compromises had to be made!

After the frame wheels will make the biggest performance advantage to your bike. We chose to stick with the full carbon Aeolus 5 wheel package at the cost of Dura Ace Di2 instead spec’ing Ultegra which saved a fair chunk of cash off the budget. Although heavier it’s still a lovely groupset to use and got us those sexy wheels!


Colour was a point of great debate and eventually Andrew chose a stealthy but classic black paint scheme. As a very thoughtful personal touch TREK even sent us a picture of the frameset at the American Project One facility, finished and proudly presented by the painter herself!


Appetite whet the bike arrived for some workshop love and the full extent of the technology involved in making this bike aero, comfy, and fast become apparent! Check it out:

The finished product with Andrew’s personal spec and colour, his ultimate bike ready for action and waiting for the maiden voyage!


Pro level, next generation technology comes at a high price but seeing the big beaming smile on Andrews face when he collected it….that’s priceless!

FullSizeRender (1)

A journey that will continue for years to come and one that none of us will forget!