Room for another

 n+1 where n = number of owned bikes is the cyclists formula for how many bikes you should own.

Got a nice road bike? Don’t like the idea of riding it in the mucky, wet, salt covered wintery lanes? n+1 = winter bike!

A stereotypical winter bike would usually involve an entry level road bike with room for mudguards. Inexpensive to maintain through the winter and with a lively enough ride to not begrudge  parting with your summer steed. With more and more bikes running close clearences finding a bike that will take proper guards is becoming more of a headache. TREK’s new 1 series would still be worthy candidates, with room for guards an honest spec and the same geometry as the Madone, cramming those winter miles in would still be pleasurable.


What about something slightly different?

Not only is the sport of cyclocross very accessible but it’s growing popularity is partly because the bikes used also make great winter bikes/commuters. Stable geometry, disc brakes and the opportunity to fit guards and rack. Take the winter accessories off in the summer and you can hack around your local bridleways and byways Cancellara style or, enter one of the ever increasing summer cross races. Two bikes in one!

Here’s one we prepaired earlier!