The Turbo!



Love it or hate it Winter spells turbo time! Why? Because a good Summer starts with good preparation……..Time constraints, the weather and life in general can get in the way of your bike time so maximising short periods of time you do have is great way of making gains.


Little and often will give bigger improvements than say one long effort a week. Leave your bike on the Turbo ready to go during the week so that if you do get a spare 30mins after work get changed and jump on! A simple 15 – 20 min program 3-5 times a week will see beneficial gains come spring, here are some ideas:

1/5mins warm up followed by 5mins max sustained effort with 5mins cool down.

2/2mins warm up (Big ring two gears up from bottom to avoid too much chain twist) then shift up a gear every minute for 8mins followed by 5mins cool down.

3/5mins warm up 10mins high cadence with 5mins cool down.

4/5mins warm up, 10mins intervals – HARD/EASY 30 secs on 30 secs off for 10mins followed by 5mins cool down.

Go hard, keep the intensity high. If you feel too tired to get up to intensity within the first minute revert to the high cadence session.


It’s difficult passing the time on the turbo as 1 minute seems to last 10 so don’t forget your headphones! Stick some music on, the time will pass quicker and it should keep you more focused!

DON’T wear too much kit, your going to get hot and sweaty! DO take a towel, you’ll be glad of it. Take some water to keep you hydrated and if you are in the shed or garage where it’s cold take a second towel to keep you warm when you’ve finished.


If you don’t already have a trainer the choice on offer is massive! You don’t need to go crazy though even a basic trainer under £100 will keep you fit. As you do spend more money resistance on offer has a greater range and becomes less choppy. If you are looking for a luxury feature, get a gel roller, noise is reduced and so is tyre wear ideal if you have one bike being used to train indoor and out!


In a nutshell, just because the weather is rubbish or you feel like you don’t have a spare 2 hours to get out, maximise the 30mins you do have. Come March you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes!