Trek’s new Stache

2015-10-12 11.28.39-2
2015-10-12 11.40.49-2

The weather is fantastic and we’ve got something new to try! The location? Cleeve common situated just above Cheltenham  heading out towards the North Cotswolds. On offer is a mixture of narrow, edge of the seat singletrack linked by rocky trails, open scrub and loose gravel playgrounds. As for woodland, there are certainly better places to go in Gloucestershire but for today, it’s close to home, fun and drains well too.
The steed for today is Trek’s new Stache, a 29er plus/29+. A what??? I hear you say! Well it’s kind of a 29er sort of not a fat bike. A combination of 29″ wheel with a 3″ tyre. The big tyres run at low pressures 10 – 20psi offer exceptional levels of comfort and grip like nothing else! Suddenly that slightly sketchy, loose corner you weren’t too confident with becomes a berm like catapult, no brakes required!

2015-10-12 11.48.16-2
2015-10-12 12.58.45-3

And it’s loads of fun! It’s a big stable bike and gives bags of confidence on more technical trails, you can’t help but push it a little bit and get it off the ground!

With open vistas over Cheltenham there’s just enough time for one more trail heading down towards town. With a big grin on my face this big tyred beast has got me hook, line and sinker!

The TREK Stache will certainly stay in my memory as an absolute riot! Playful and stable with the confidence you’d usually get from a stiff drink!

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